Ladies and gentlemen, let’s chat briefly about accessories.

Please stop being matchy-matchy with your accessories and your outfit.

Gentlemen, that means stop buying the dress shirts that come with the matching ties.

Ladies, that means stop trying to match your necklace exactly to your outfit. Also, stop matching your necklace exactly to your earrings. You can still buy those necklace and earring sets, but just don’t wear them both at the same time.

Here’s why:

Trying to pair your accessories exactly with the colors of your outfits says, “I only put this together because the colors were the same” or “I obviously bought these for this one reason”.

It’s ok to wear an accessory that has some of the color that you’re wearing, but if you’re going to do that, I would suggest making sure that it has a contrasting color as the dominant color.

I can go through your closet with you, and after I see what common colors and styles you have in your current wardrobe, I can help you pick out just a couple of accessories, that can be completely versatile and be worn with several of your outfits transforming each outfit into its own glorious statement.

Call or email me to make an appointment!

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