Hi and welcome! My name is Susan, and I am a happily married, mom to an adorable little man, and to our zoo (three kitties and our chocolate lab). I would describe my fashion/stylist spirit animal as a combination of Rachel Zoe, Stacy London, and Tim Gunn (my actual spirit animal would be a bear, because I am a mama bear through and through). As soon as I watched my first episode of “Project Runway” that I started saying, “Just call me Tim Gunn, because I’m makin’ it work!” 
Style has always been part of my every day, no matter how casual. It’s also something that most people remember about me. In my first teaching job, I kept to myself a lot (being a music teacher isolated in the far wing of the school helps with that), and my fellow teachers didn’t know my name, so they mostly referred to me as “the cute stylish one”.

What will you find here? Very fabulous finds for even more fabulous people who just need a little help. They could need my help because they’re too busy to shop for themselves (like my best friend who is a neurosurgeon…she’s kind of a big deal), or they don’t know quite how to shop (my incredible (now fashion forward) coworker), or they have a tough time finding clothes that work for their actually amazing body (one of my best gals who I was lucky enough to room with in college), or any other reason that would bring you to a stylist/personal shopper/Susan.
My friends and family frequently say, “I went shopping, and I could have really used a Susan”, or they receive a complement on a clothing item that I gave to them and say, “thanks, it’s a Susan”, or “oh no, they need a Susan”. So after hearing that, I decided that I needed to do this. I love helping people feel great about themselves, especially when it involves clothes! 
Happy reading, and I hope to help you soon! 

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