Being home sick and forced to relax and recover means it’s time for some quality time with my laptop and a new blog post!

Working with a few of my male clients inspired me to write a post like this! Something that I like to help my clients with is looking at their current clothes in different ways. No matter your budget, it’s always great to get the most out of your clothes. 
For the gentlemen out there, the pictures that I included show the same shirt worn two different ways. 
The first outfit pairs this awesome red polka dot shirt with dark wash jeans and a more casual wool tie. Pairing the shirt with jeans and the texture and color of the tie add a more casual feel to this outfit. This outfit is perfect for a date, a casual day at work (as long as jeans are allowed), or an event that you’re attending that falls in that in between dressy and casual dress code. 
male tie fashion
Here is that same shirt paired with a fancier tie (I LOVE a gorgeous paisley like this one) and gray khakis. You could also wear another pair of dark dress pants, and it would keep this outfit looking formal. There is something so sophisticated about mixing patterns. I think that it shows complete confidence and ownership of an outfit when a person can mix patterns and/or color well. It says “I know what I’m doing, and I am rocking this outfit.” Don’t worry, I teach all of my clients how to do achieve that confidence, and one of my goals is to make sure that you feel that way about every outfit that I help you put together. 
male tie fashion
Now for my ladies, I have the same dress worn two different ways – accessories and shoes make all the difference! Dresses are my absolute “go to” when I don’t want to think about what to wear – it’s one piece – it’s so versatile, and it’s even better if it has just come back from the dry cleaner and doesn’t even need to be ironed! 
Here’s the dress!
women dress
For a more casual look, here are sandals and a bright necklace to wear with the dress. 
womens accessories
Now to dress it up, add some stunning heels (or peep toe wedges as pictured) and a sparkly necklace, and you are all set for most formal events!
womens shoes
Let me help you look at your wardrobe differently, and we can come up with even more outfits together! 

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