Hello, Gentlemen (and ladies, you’re welcome to read this too)!

I hope I didn’t lose you for a little while. I wanted to make sure that you knew that all of the rules and ideas that I’ve been discussing in my other posts absolutely apply to you too (with some differences – most of you probably wouldn’t want to add “shine” to your outfit by wearing a sparkly necklace, but I could be wrong, and I never judge).

Here is how you can pull off color, pattern, texture, and shine (“CPTS”) as a sexy, stylish man.

In the outfit pictured above, you have color and pattern in the blue and white checkered plaid shirt. You are mixing patterns with the tie and the shirt, and keeping it interesting by combining different directions within the patterns (checkered and diagonal stripes). The texture is in the wool blazer, which is perfect for those cool spring mornings like we’ve been having lately. Lastly, you have shine in the silky sheen of the tie.

In the outfit below, there is texture in the corduroy blazer and the chambray shirt. You’re also mixing patterns with the corduroy and the crossing diagonal stripes in the tie. There is shine and color in both the tie and the shirt.

For those of you gentlemen, who are feeling like you are ready to start mixing patterns like the pro you want to be/know you are, I added a shirt that isn’t blue (and you all should know by now how much I love blue), and it’s a bold pattern paired with another pattern. If you looked at my last blog post on mixing patterns , you will have seen that in the last outfit pictured, the dress was an all over pattern paired with smaller patterned accessories. Guys, you can do the same thing! Make the shirt your statement piece, and use smaller patterns in neutral colors with your tie and shoes. 
male plaid fashion
When you can pull off an outfit with these elements, you will walk like a total [insert empowering man term here]. 
If you have any questions or want some help, don’t be afraid to get in touch with me! I have been working with several male clients with varying degrees of personal style, and they have all been very happy with their results! Email me, you know you want to!

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