My personal style and my love for styling others have both come from a lot of different points of inspiration throughout my life. In this post, I am just going to discuss two of those inspirations. My mom is definitely my biggest inspiration. When we go shopping together even now, she still gives me the confidence to try things on that I may initially be unsure of for myself, and then I end up loving it. Her words of wisdom, “if you don’t love it, you’re not going to wear it” play repeatedly in my head whenever I go shopping by myself. I suggest you take those words with you when you go shopping as well! It will probably save you some money that you could put towards a Susan style service!

In addition to my mom, of course, the show “What Not to Wear” was another major influence in my fashion and style education.

If you have read my other posts, it’s no secret that I absolutely loved the show. I watched all 345 life changing episodes…not more than once, because that would be something a lame person would do….
and I definitely didn’t force my husband, friends, and family to watch them, because “this transformation is seriously amazing”, because let’s face it, they all were amazing…

Anyway, something that Stacy and Clinton mentioned quite a few times on the show was that color, pattern, texture, and shine (CPTS) are key elements to making an outfit special. I don’t always incorporate all four elements into every outfit that I wear, but when I do go for all four, I feel the most put together, and I get a lot of compliments (who doesn’t love compliments!).

Take a look at this outfit:

how to accessorize an outfit
The pop of color is in the yellow flats. Pattern is in the shirt AND the skirt (because you know that mixing patterns is my favorite thing to do). Texture and shine are in the necklace, and I added even more shine with one of my favorite Marc Jacobs watches. 
The important advice to take away from the concept of “CPTS” is that balance is key. You want your outfit to look polished and fun without looking too busy. 
If you’re looking for more “CPTS” inspiration, check out my Pinterest boards. I have been pinning like crazy lately for both my ladies and gentlemen, so take a look and let me know if you would like me to pick anything out for you! 

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